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Favorite Quote

“Those who bring happiness to others usually cannot keep it from themselves.”

-J.M. Barrie

Cindy Weathers
Small Business Services Manager

Another (nearly) 30 year veteran with BGC, Cindy is a manager of Small Business Services at the firm. She is in charge of the bookkeeping staff. She also reviews and prepares financial statements and payroll returns. She is a native to Greenville and attended Greenville Technical College before arriving at BGC. Cindy loves working with numbers and solving puzzles, which makes her an incredible asset to her company. However, there are always new things to learn with accounting, and though that creates its own challenges, Cindy is there to meet them head on every time.

Cindy enjoys doing almost anything outdoors. You might see her running, cycling, rafting, hang-gliding, or any other of the numerous activities available in and around the area. Cindy is also married, and has one child. She enjoys going to church every Sunday and celebrating with her family. She is known as being a happy, calm, honest, and kind person, and is most passionate about helping other people any way that she can. One of the charities that mean the most to her is the American Cancer Society, due in large part to the loss of her best friend to cancer. Cindy looks forward to being able to visit the Outer Banks one day, and hopes to eventually purchase a condominium there.

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