Employee Spotlight – Mary Davis Williams

Employee Spotlight - Mary Davis Williams
When small businesses need help with their taxes, there are many options from which to choose. Some are clearly better than others and Mary Davis Williams ranks among the best of them. She has spent over twenty years as a tax professional and nine years in healthcare accounting. Though she was not born in Greenville, Mary now calls it home, and enjoys working closely with the small businesses and their owners that make up the wonderful Upstate.

Graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Professional Accountancy has helped Mary throughout her career. She even took a few graduate tax courses at Clemson University once she relocated to the area. Mary’s intelligence, competence, care, wit, and helpfulness come together to create one of BGC’s most valuable assets.

Mary enjoys doing many things in her spare time. You may see her running on a local trail, at a home improvement store collecting supplies for her next project, or attending service at Advent United Methodist Church. She also has two wonderful sons that share her humility and philanthropic tendencies. Mary plans on taking a trip to visit Israel and would also like to canoe the Boundary Waters in Minnesota and Canada. Though she may be the adventurous type, Mary’s tenacity keeps her clients coming back year after year.